Reimei Global Advisors

Reimei Global Advisors is a full-service Japan-based M&A advisory firm focused on providing first-class services to assist our clients in realizing strategic growth and long-term value creation.

We collectively possess more than 100 years of experience in virtually all areas of corporate finance practice, including domestic and cross-border M&A, LBO/ MBO financing, principal investments, corporate and financial restructurings, distressed credits, and post-acquisition integration.

Core Services

  • Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory
    • Pure-play buy-side/ sell-side M&A advisory services for mid-cap transactions ranging between JPY 5 – 50 BN in size
    • Services rendered include (1) Origination: Industry analysis, acquiror/ target identification, counterparty introduction, (2) Deal Execution: Due diligence organization and management, valuation, opinion provision, tax/ accounting/ legal structuring, negotiation assistance, (3) Closing: Assistance with legal and tax filings, other.
    • Priority focus clients: Domestic mid-caps, foreign or domestic large corporations selling/ buying smaller assets.
  • Due Diligence Advisory
    • Due diligence organization and management, including on-site due diligence
    • Services rendered focus on (1) Assistance in selection of accounting, tax, and legal advisors, (2) defining due diligence scope and data/ documents to be reviewed, (3) day-to-day management of all due diligence teams and provision of summary reports, (4) dynamic review of due diligence findings and re-calibration of scope/ data sets, (5) verification of granular loan, securities, real estate and other asset mark-to-market as well as quantification of funded/ unfunded accounting/ tax/ legal liabilities, and (6) provision of final cumulative assessment reports.
    • Priority focus clients: Foreign private equity funds.
  • Valuation Services
    • Similar to fairness opinion provision with valuations provided as one of the following: (1) indicative based on public data, (2) detailed based on existing due diligence information, or (3) confirmatory in comparison to another advisor’s valuation.
    • Priority focus clients: Foreign or domestic large corporations, foreign private equity funds.
  • Post-Acquisition Integration Advisory
    • Integration advisory by the Principals by becoming Senior Advisors (komon) or outside Directors to the acquired firms.
    • Priority focus clients: Domestic/ foreign clients involved in cross-border acquisitions.
  • Restructuring Advisory
    • Restructuring advisory for troubled PE transactions consisting mainly of negotiations with lenders and financial structuring.
    • Priority focus clients: Domestic/ foreign private equity funds, highly-levered institutions experiencing refinancing trouble.


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